Mamonde Singapore
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With a rich brand heritage dating back to 1991, Mamonde has always gathered inspiration from the beauty of nature, in particular flowers.

The story begins in the 1930s where Amorepacific’s founder, Sung-Hwan Suh, would help his mother out in her Camellia Oil business. Suh’s mother Dok-Jeong Yun would ground up Camellia Seeds in the purest way possible to produce Camellia Oil, selling it to women in the neighbourhood. The Camellia Oil proved to be such a hit that Suh learnt the ropes on how to preserve and extract Camellia Oil in its purest forms. This heartfelt authenticity was key to winning the trust of his customers and still lives on in the company today.

The Mamonde Garden in Osan, Korea, is a beautiful botanical garden dedicated to research and development. It is home to a team of top flower botanists who study the various benefits of flora and continuously develop and innovate Mamonde’s range of products. Hibiscus, Camellia, Magnolia, Honeysuckle and Lotus are grown in a strictly controlled environment to protect the integrity of their benefits.

Backed by Amorepacific’s technological expertise, research and development capabilities, Mamonde’s products are developed as a result of rigorous testing, analysis and observation around the unique properties of different flowers. Flowers are handled gently and hand-picked from the garden. To preserve their active ingredients, flowers are usually frozen or heat dried. The active ingredients are then extracted to be used in product development.

Backed by Amorepacific’s skin science capabilities and technology, as well as Mamonde’s rich knowledge and expertise of florals, the distinctive traits of each flower are successfully captured in all of its products.

Each skincare range is created by studying the unique characteristics of flowers and using them to develop product lines that address various skin concerns. Mamonde’s makeup line is also inspired by the vibrant nature of flowers with its exuberant colours and alluring fragrance. Even the product packaging has been carefully designed to reflect its philosophy, featuring feminine yet sensible designs that incorporate subtle floral elements.

Mamonde, Inspired By Flowers.